Garments on stock

We believe that listening to the customer is essential to understand their needs and provide them with a solution that suits them perfectly. Depending on your needs and your visual identity, our team will guide you to the products available on the European markets and the most appropriate marking technique. We have a workshop allowing us to carry out embroidery and hot printing.

We encourage meetings in our showroom where you can directly touch, try and choose the different items that we offer.
We ensure quality work in a short time.


For 25 years we have been putting 100% of our energy and improving our knowledge in the development, production and import of tailor-made clothing / accessories.

If you want to create your own line of clothing and have less time, we will direct you to special production overseas. Here, no limits, you choose everything from A to Z.
Thanks to transparent management, a regular presence on production sites and factory quality control, we have created real relationships of trust both with our customers and with our partner factories abroad.

Service design

Garments on stock :

We can create and / or modify your logo according to the project

Custom Made Production :

We offer a clothing line creation service

Services complementary

We want to support you throughout your project. In addition to production, we offer:

We create a personalized web page in your image in order to sell your products and ensure inventory management

See our web-shop

We carry out photo shoots to present your products

We provide you with 1500m² of warehouse space

We manage your stocks and organize the distribution of your products (after analyzing your project)