COWBOY / Customization and logistics service

Cowboy is a Belgian brand specializing in the sale of connected electric bikes for urban riders. She may be familiar to you because she was talked about last year: “Cowboy Raises $ 23 Million in Series B Funding.” In order to thank their investors, Cowboy decides to send them a series of gifts related to […]

Your frequently asked questions: customization from stock

Estimated time limit ? As a general rule, our lead time is 2 to 3 weeks depending on the stocks available from our suppliers as well as the schedule of our workshop. Delivery is provided by DPD (time varies depending on the country). It is obviously possible to come and collect the goods. We accept […]

Which printing mode to choose?

When you want to personalize textiles, several printing techniques are available to you: Screen printing Screen printing is one of the best known, oldest and most widely used printing techniques by businesses to print designs on different sized products made from various materials. Ink passes through a sieve or stencil to be deposited directly on […]

Why call on the Design Service?

Design is Intelligence made visible… The visual identity of a company or a brand is the set of visual elements that it has. These images determine who she is and allow her to shape how she is perceived by the public. It is a non-negligible element in non-verbal communication since images are powerful tools, appealing […]

Vectorization, what is it ?

Your logo in vector format When you want to print textiles from an illustration or a logo, we will ask you to provide us with a visual in vector or “vectorized” format. But what does this mean? The advantage of having a vector format is being able to rework an image ad infinitum. Most often, […]

A photo shoot to boost your sales

Do you have a webshop and want to showcase your products? Today, it is quite common to have a showcase website to make potential customers want to buy your products. And as you know, a picture is better than a long speech. We are fortunate to work with Charlotte Douliere, our talented photographer (and graphic […]