Why call on the Design Service?

Design is Intelligence made visible

The visual identity of a company or a brand is the set of visual elements that it has. These images determine who she is and allow her to shape how she is perceived by the public. It is a non-negligible element in non-verbal communication since images are powerful tools, appealing to our emotions.

What we can create for you:

– Your logo

Your image is very important and must represent you 100%. Depending on your industry, your tastes and your goals, we will develop a logo that will perfectly match your business (or brand).

– Your graphic charter

You have to harmonize and standardize all of your communication, that is to say, determine your own colors, your own typographies, your own style. Through this, the audience will directly associate these visuals with your brand. We will determine together your graphic charter in order to make it as effective as possible.

– Your textile

As mentioned above, uniformity is very important in communication. This is why we place so much importance in the personalization of textiles. This allows your team to wear your colors and the public to recognize you at a glance.

According to your desires, we will select the most suitable clothing for your activity and we will guide you towards the best customization technique.

– Your business cards & flyers

The first impression being the most important, your business card must have an impact. Do not hesitate to entrust us with the realization of this one, we will study together several proposals in order to select the most adequate linking quality and efficiency.

In conclusion …

We provide you with a complete service, beyond the personalization of clothes. We believe that in the digital age, it is essential to benefit from a carefully studied visual identity in order to reach your target audience easily and sustainably.

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