Do you wash your clothes perfectly?

It is not always easy to navigate your way when it comes to washing clothes. White and colors, differences in textiles, drying… However, washing your clothes properly is necessary because it will prolong their life.

Here are 6 steps that will guide you through this sometimes difficult task:

1. Sort your laundry

You know that some colors do bleed, even in cold water. To avoid this problem, always sort your laundry into 4 categories: white, colors, dark and delicate.

2. Load your machine reasonably

It is important not to overload the washing machine in order not to prevent effective rinsing of the laundry and to avoid detergent residues. Tip: Make sure you can fit a hand between the laundry and the top of the drum.

3. Detach before washing

Sometimes tedious but very important step! Stains should be taken care of as soon as possible, so that they do not have time to penetrate the core of the fabric fibers.

4. Turn your clothes inside out before washing them.

This step is essential to protect the prints therein. To preserve them even more, do not exceed 30 ° and do not iron them.

5. Take care of your delicate laundry

If you have more delicate materials (silk, wool, etc.) that you want to keep as new, avoid excessively aggressive protein-based detergents and ban the dryer.

6. Adapt the cycle according to the condition of your laundry

If it is very dirty, go for the intense wash cycle. On the other hand, if it is slightly dirty, prefer a shorter cycle and a low temperature.

If despite these tips, you still have doubts …

Don’t hesitate to trust the labels placed on the inside of your clothes. They indicate the temperature and the washing method as well as the recommended drying method.

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